Eternal Darkness, Blood King (Novel)Edit

Eternal Darkness, Blood King is a debut paranormal romance and vampire novel by American author Gadriel Demartinos, published in 2012. Based on an original idea Demartinos wrote in 1994 or 1996 which he expanded into a novel 12 years later, Eternal Darkness, Blood King centers on vampire Renzo Von Klatas who writes in his journal the events that occurred in his life between the years 1993 and 2007.

Plot LineEdit

A vampire named Renzo keeps written records in his journals of his over 200-year-long life when all documents are given to the author Gadriel Demartinos by another vampire, a beautiful European and mysterious female by the name of Julia, with specific instructions to publish them. After studying the several written volumes and digital documents Gadriel makes the choice of publishing the events that took place during the years of 1993 and 2007 in the life of Renzo as the first book; mainly, and because most of the previous journals were written in several different languages making it difficult for him to translate them.

The story begins in Spain in the year 1792 with a conversation between a young Gypsy with the name of Renzo and his father about the existence of god, and the genocide and subsequent war provoke by the Roman catholic crusaders' centuries before. Renzo wonders if there's actually a divine power while his father asks him to remember the high-price non-believers had to pay for questioning the same thing.

Centuries later in the city of New York, in the year 2006, Renzo is a ruthless and powerful vampire going through an existential struggle. He writes in his journal the events that took place between the years of 1993 to 2007 trying to find closure regarding the possible and definitive loss of his humanity. 

In 1993, Renzo was ending a ten year-long visit in Miami Florida when he crosses path with the young Lucy Buren; a gifted artist who sparks Renzo's interest. After initially considering taking Lucy's life Renzo decides to hire her as his gallery assistant and eventually becoming her sponsor and best friend.

For more than a decade and now in the 21st century, Renzo keeps moving back and forth between cities while sharing life lessons, hopes and dreams with Lucy until she introduces her new boyfriend Steven, a British hospitality entrepreneur, who shatters Lucy's heart and confidence when he breaks up with her while pregnant. Renzo realizes that he has romantic feelings towards Lucy and stays in Miami to take care of her.

Renzo feels a mysterious presence trying to contact him but without revealing who or what it is. Weeks later the mysterious presence manifest with a voice and begins to affect Renzo physically making him feel ill as he witnesses Maximillian Hunter, a ex-USMC  captain turned vigilante, execute a group of criminals. Looking for answers to his new-found sickness Renzo visits an old acquaintance with the name of Frank Lopez, a 70-year-old cannibal and real psychic who can track down and perhaps find out what the mysterious presence wants. After contacting the spiritual world, Frank tells Renzo that the presence trying to contact him is "pure evil" and advice him to stay away.

Renzo meets Jean Charles Reneu and Amy Harlow a pair of art collectors interested in Lucy's painting "The Southern Pearl." Using his mind-reading abilities, Renzo discovers that Jean and Amy, in reality, know what he is and are after his capture and immortality. Renzo confirms to Lucy that he is a vampire and warns her about Jean and Amy real intentions.

Soon after, the mysterious presence manifest in front of Renzo in the form of a beautiful teenager with the name of Erika. Erika offers a trade, the secret of how turning immortals back into mortals in exchange of Renzo's soul. Renzo accepts the trade claiming that there's no such thing as a soul. Once the trade is done Renzo finds himself unconscious, weak and confused inside Erika's body, and almost immediately gets kidnapped by a pair of criminals looking for a payback for an attack Renzo performed against them the night before while they tried to rob him as he was meeting Erika. Not knowing that the young woman was, in reality, Renzo they take her to an abandoned building near the beach where they drug, rape and later shot her several times leaving her for dead. Incredibly, Erika / Renzo survives and is able to walk into a cafeteria and call Frank for help. After understanding that Renzo is now Erika, Frank helps her and he is able to keep her alive long enough to call Jason Drake, a young vampire created by Renzo decades before, for help. After Jason turns Erika with his own blood, Erika reveals that the only way she would be able to have the strength to stop the real body of Renzo, now controlled by the mysterious force, is to drink from an ancient vampire. It's discussed that the strength of vampires increases with their longevity either by living or by feeding from an “old” vampire.

Erika asks Jason to follow Renzo's body while she travels to New York looking for the blood of Exois, the first vampire in history. Erika arrives in New York and digs up a cylinder filled with the blood of Exois that Renzo always kept secured for any crisis and drinks from it. After drinking from Exois blood Erika suffers a second turning and develops equals skills than his former body.

In several occasions, and while Erika is drugged or dying, the memories of the “real” Erika are shared with Renzo’s sub-consciousness revealing the tragic events that lead Erika to her death and subsequent encounter with the mysterious force.

Back in Miami, Renzo's possessed body randomly attacks people alerting the authorities and Maximillian Hunter who goes after him. Maximillian finds Renzo and tries to fight him but soon realizes his mistake and runs for his life.

Erika returns and finds out that Lucy has been turned into a vampire by the "new" Renzo against her will.

Hunter discovers that his encounter with Renzo the night before was been recorded by a surveillance team following him and goes after them until arriving at a meeting between Jean, Amy and a group of mercenaries hired to capture Renzo. Hunter follows the group of mercenaries tracking Renzo's whereabouts to a basement and witness how Renzo takes them out one by one. Right afterwards, Renzo defeats Hunter but let him stay alive to get arrested by the local police. 

Erika and Jason go after the fake Renzo, and after a ground and air battle Erika and Renzo fly to outer space where Erika tricks Renzo into exchanging bodies once again before re-entrying the atmosphere. The sun UV rays set them both on fire incinerating Erika's body completely, and almost destroying Renzo's.

Facing immortality as a vampire Lucy asks to be destroyed by Renzo, and he accepts. After Lucy is destroyed, Renzo decides to move to New York and leaves Jason in Miami.

While in New York, Renzo tries to re-take his life by passing as a NYU college student when quickly realizes that he's not the same. Suffering from blackouts, Renzo begins to kill without control and soon visualizes the death of Jason in Miami only to discover moments later that Jason is, in fact, dead; killed by Hunter.

Renzo and Julia Saravova, another young vampire created by Renzo hundreds of years before, meet in Miami and with the help of Frank hunt down Hunter and his men. While Renzo attacks Hunter, Julia enters into the mind of Frank and discovers that the only way of defeating the mysterious force still partially controlling Renzo’s mind is by calling it by its name. After, getting almost killed by Hunter and his men, Renzo is found by Julia, who asks him to read her mind with his dying breath and when he does he learns that the mysterious force is in reality the night demon men call "Lilith."

After learning this truth Renzo finds himself back in time to the exact moment before accepting the trade offering by Erika, and instead of accepting he bites and drains her body before calling the entity by its name, "Lilith," destroying the body and casting out the demon who controls it. Renzo finds Lucy and Jason alive and stays with Lucy until she gives birth and then leaves town not before securing her financially. With the help of Frank and Jason, Renzo tracks down the criminals who drugged, raped and shot Erika's body while he was inside it and kills most of them while leaving the leader to become Frank's meal..

Renzo goes to live to New York and tries to reach Julia, and re-link their friendship after decades of been away from each other, but Julia is not interested.

Renzo ends his journal entry considering the possibility that, in fact, there could be a god after all. 

Meanwhile in Miami, Hunter is contacted by Jean who tells him that he had in his power something that could destroy Renzo.


Eternal Darkness, Blood King

First-edition cover

     Author(s): Gadriel Demartinos
     Country: United States
     Language: English
     Genre(s): Fiction, Vampire
     Publisher: Gitano Books
     Publication Date: 12 / 13 /2012
     Media Type: Hardcover, Ebook
     Pages: 446 Hardcover
     ISBN: 9781301796861

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